Vishakh Hegde

I help build companies!


I am an AI researcher and entrepreneur. I solve problems with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Software Engineering. And I love applying my skills to build startups. I am the CTO and Co-founder of Inventive AI (YC S23), an AI Copilot that helps sales teams win RFPs.

I was previously Applied Research Scientist at Ambient AI, Data Scientist at Schlumberger STIC, ML Engineer at Matroid. I graduated long time ago from Stanford and IIT Madras. I was born in and spent a big part of my life in Bangalore, India.

Here is a link to my google scholar profile. You can find my academic, professional and social profiles below.


Dec 6, 2022 My interview with Packt is published
Nov 30, 2022 My first book published: 3D Deep Learning with Python.
Available on Amazon.
Jul 14, 2022 My patent that uses deep reinforcement learning published.

selected publications

  1. 3ddl_with_python_preview.png
    3D Deep Learning with Python
    Xudong Ma, Vishakh Hegde, and Lilit Yolyan
  2. paper_fusionnet.png
    FusionNet: 3D Object Classification Using Multiple Data Representations
    Vishakh Hegde, and Reza Zadeh